Jung Yoo – Scenographer & Performance Artist

Project List

~ 2012 ~

 The False Awakening II

Cinema - Director & Producer
In partnership with Alexa Reid. A short movie based on a previous performance of The False Awakening. Currently in script production phase.


When were you happiest

Performance - Scenographer
Colaboration with director Rob Clawes for presentation in Spring 2012. A new piece written by Daniel Davies.
Ongoing. Lisbon, Portugal


~ 2011 ~

Romeu & Julieta

Performance - Producer & Scenography Assistant
A play by William Shakespeare converted for modernity. Directed by Valerie Bradell from Produções Próspero with Scenography by Claire Lyth.
Estrela Hall, Lisbon, Portugal.


Three New Plays

Performance - Scenographer
Colaboration with three directors for three short plays.
Estrela Hall, Lisbon, Portugal.


Mary Stuart

Performance - Production Coördinator
Directed by Norman Mac Callum, Scenography by Miguel Sá Fernandes. Currently on tour in Portugal.
Estrela Hall, Lisbon, Portugal.


~ 2010 ~

15 Minute Factory III

Curatorship - Curator & Producer
A curatorial partnership with Katharine Fry.
London U.K.


~ 2009 ~

15 Minute Factory II

Curatorship - Curator & Producer
A curatorial partnership with Katharine Fry. A 3 day event showcasing multidisciplinary art. Involving over 150 participating artists in areas as diverse as painting, photography, performance, sculpture, installation, video art, music, and workshops. The final day included an art market and fair.
London, U.K.


 The Time is 15:15 II
Performance - Scenographer

In partnership with Katharine Fry. A performance developed from a previous presentation of The Time is 15:15. Re-structured, re-written, and re-connected through 20 workshop sessions with 5 performers.
Sprint Festival, Camden People’s Theatre, London, U.K.



Curatorship - Curator
A curatorial partnership with John O’Hora and Sanja Sajic, sponsored by Strideline Ltd. An art exhibition presenting 20 artists in a derelict building awaiting refurbishment.
London, U.K.


15 Minute Factory

Curatorship - Curator & Producer
A curatorial partnership with Katharine Fry. An multidisciplinary event showcasing art, performance, and music, involving 30 participating artists.
London, U.K.


The Time is 15:15

Performance - Scenographer
In partnership with Katharine Fry. A durational promenade performance, investigating the memories and roots of participants and performers through objects and gestures developed through a workshop process with 7 performers.
Enterprise Festival, The Space, London, U.K.


Typewriters Scratch

Performance - Scenographer & Producer
Scenographer for a performance devised by Roberta Vaz. The original performance was produced by animate:SPACE. The performance was also presented at the Alcola Theatre and at the Southwark Playhouse as a scratch performance.
The Rag Factory / Alcola Theatre / Southwark Playhouse, London, U.K.


~ 2008 ~

 The False Awakening

Performance - Scenographer & Producer
In partnership with Alexa Reid. An installation-led performance exploring dreams and stories. A durational performance with video installations devised through a series of workshops. Produced by animate:SPACE.
The Site Show, Warwick Square, London, U.K.


The Spillage II

Performance - Producer, Director & Scenographer
A collaboration with One Size Fits All. Includes character and narrative development. Produced by animate:SPACE.
The Barden’s Boudoir, London, U.K.


animate:SPACE Live

Curatorship - Curator & Producer
A night presenting live art, sonic art, installation, and painting. Produced by animate:SPACE. A curatorial partnership with Oliver Hymans.
Stoke Newington, London, U.K.


DDN: Good Night Deer

Fashion Show - Project Manager
A Hong Kong based fashion label, Daydream Nation’s show at the London Fashion Week. An alternative catwalk performance at the Institute of Contemporary Art. Collaboration as Project Manager.
ICA, London, U.K.


~ 2007 ~

 Draw Me, Baby

Performance - Producer, Director & Scenographer
The Window Gallery in collaboration with the Barbican’s exhibition ‘Seduced: Sex and Art From Antiquity to Now’. Draw Me, Baby investigates private spaces, rituals and habits, in conjunction with voyeurism, devised through a series of workshops. Durational installation-led performance. Co-directed with Henna Yoon and Oliver Hymans. Produced by animate:SPACE.
The Window Gallery, Charring Cross Road, London, U.K.


The Spillage

Performance - Scenographer & Producer
A performance based on the twin concepts of fear and senses em conceitos do medo e dos sentidos. Interactive performance included in the ‘Act Art 5 Festival’. Produced by animate:SPACE.
Act Art 5 Festival, The Arches, London Bridge, Londres, R.U.



Curatorship - Curator
Curating a night program of live art, video, performance and photography.
Hedges & Butler, Picadilly, London, U.K.


DDN: Back Down The Rabbit Hole

Fashion Show - Scenographer
Collaborating as scenographer for Daydream Nation at the London Fashion Week
Tottenham Court Road, London, U.K.


~ 2006 ~

The Coelicoloe

Performance - Artist
Integrated in the Festival of Contemporary Performance. Collaborated as a participating artist with Lotos Collective in an experimental performance, exploring segments of work by different artists as a collective promenade performance.
Camden People’s Theatre, London, U.K.


Lille 3000 Festival

Exhibition - Lighting Design
Design for an exhibition of London based asian artists (commissioning company Rich Mix). Lighting designer for exhibition designed by Lotos Collective.
Lille, France


Gods, Heroes, Man, Chaos

Performance - Artist
Curated by Lotos Collective for the duration of 4 weeks. In partnership with Henna Yoon. Designed and devised an installation-led performance investigating the concept of opposites.
The Window Gallery, Charring Cross Road, London, U.K.



Cinema - Scenographer
A 35mm color short film sponsored by Fuji Film & DAMU, Drama School of the Czech Republic. Directed and produced by the Shimura Bros. The film was presented at various festivals. Selected for screening at the Cannes Film Festival 2007.
Prague, Czech Republic.


Jacob’s Ladder

Cinema - Artist
Still image animation with cutout objects and characters. A collaboration with Yuka Shimura.
Krzystofory Gallery, Krakow, Poland


Drabina Jacuba

Performance - Artist
In collaboration with the Cricoteka, a performance devised by 11 artists, with each artist producing a segment of a narrative inspired by Bruno Schultz’s ‘Street of Crocodiles’.
Krzystofory Gallery, Krakow, Poland



Performance - Artist
Curated by Lotos Collective. Site-specific performance, exhibiting the work of 9 artists. The piece was a collaboration with Yuka Shimura and Hui Lin Lee.
Private residence, London, U.K.


~ 2005 ~ 

Linbury Biennial Prize

Competition - Finalist
Costume and Set Designer. Exhibition at the National Theatre in London as a finalist of the Linbury Biennial Prize. A collaboration with Giles Croft at the Nottingham Playhouse for ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’.
National Theatre, London, U.K.



Performance - Scenographer
A performance inspired by ‘Spurt of Blood’ by Antonin Artaud.
Cochrane Theatre, London, U.K.


~ 2004 ~


Multimedia - Artist
A Nova Scratch Opera, by composer J. Arden and director Julia Hollander. Production of visual material and video art.
Battersea Arts Centre, London, U.K.


~ 2003 ~

Naked Circus

Performance - Artist
A selection of work by students of Central Saint Martins was exhibited in a temporary pavillion at the Prague Quadrennial. A collaboration with Zoe Paddly and Carole Lacroix.
Prague Quadrennial, Czech Republic.